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Smoky Mountain Field School

Explore Your Wild Side in the Smokies

The Smoky Mountain Field School will enter its 38th year of providing excellent educational programming in 2015.

The Field School is a successful partnership between the University of Tennessee and Great Smoky Mountains National Park, offering high-quality workshops, hikes, and adventures for people who want to learn more about their beloved Smokies.

These non-credit, weekend programs are taught by UT professors, naturalists, and other experts at various locations in and around the Park.

In 2015, we introduce several new programs to complement the programs you've grown to love each season.

For questions or for more information call 865-974-0150.

Hiking - Just Getting Started15WI85203/14/1579.00
Introduction to Orienteering15WI86703/21/1579.00
Advanced Wilderness Orienteering15WI867-103/22/1579.00
Animal Tracking and Nature Observation15WI89203/22/1579.00
Mountain Music - Beginner's Old Time Banjo15WI872-203/28/1579.00
Polliwogs, Eggs, and Singing Frogs15WI91903/28/1545.00
Managing Black Bears and Hogs - Natives and Exotics Species15SP88004/11/1579.00
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Spring Wildflower and Nature Photography15SP86004/11/1595.00
Foraging for Food and Farmacy15SP88104/18/1579.00
Preserving Our Heritage15SP73704/18/1579.00
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Wilderness Wildflowers - Marvels of Spring15SP92604/18/1579.00
Birding in the Smokies15SP85104/25/1579.00
Smoky Mountain Fiddle Tunes15SP87804/25/1579.00
Elkmont - Transition and Change15SP93805/02/1579.00
Mt. LeConte Hike and Overnight in the Lodge(Closed)*15SP85505/02/15195.00
Getting to Know Our "6-Legged Friends"15SP80805/09/1579.00
Our Ever-Changing Mountains15SP95005/16/1579.00
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Outdoor Safety and Preparedness - Jr. Naturalist Course (Grades 6-8)15SP68405/16/1579.00
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Backpacking with Confidence15SP85905/23/15158.00
Introduction to Fly-casting & Fly-fishing15SP93105/23/1579.00
An Evening Stroll with the Walker Sisters15SP69605/26/1579.00
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Introduction to Spin-Casting and Spin-Fishing15SP87305/30/1579.00
Introduction to Tree Identification15SP92905/30/1579.00
Basic Visual Tracking15SU95906/06/1579.00
Canoe Certification: Level I15SU76006/06/15105.00
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Nature Sketching - Watercolor or Pencil15SU90606/06/1579.00
Care & Release of Orphaned & Injured Black Bear Cubs15SU73506/13/1579.00
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Ferns, Wildflowers, and Ecological Relationships of Roan Mountain15SU92106/13/1579.00
Historical Tours with Heartland's Bill Landry-Overhill Cherokees at Sequoyah Birthplace Museum15SU871-206/13/1579.00
The Light Show in the Smokies15SU86606/15/1579.00
Mosses and Liverworts of the Smokies15SU90206/20/1579.00
Mt. LeConte Hike and Overnight in the Lodge(Closed)*15SU85606/20/15195.00
Park Flora (Plants) - Jr. Naturalist Course (Grades 6-8)15SU68606/20/1579.00
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Early Settler Mountain Cooking15SU94906/27/1579.00
Foraging for Food and Farmacy15SU88106/27/1579.00
Introduction to Fly-casting & Fly-fishing15SU93106/27/1579.00
Mountain Music - Beginner's Acoustic Rhythm Guitar15SU87206/27/1579.00
Park Fauna (Animals) - Jr. Naturalist Course (Grades 6-8)15SU68706/27/1579.00
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Backpacking with Children15SU85407/11/15158.00
Edible and Poisonous Fungi of the Smokies15SU85807/11/1579.00
Park Fauna (Animals) - Jr. Naturalist Course (Grades 6-8)15SU687-107/11/1579.00
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Culture and History - Jr. Naturalist Course (Grades 6-8)15SU68807/18/1579.00
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Roan Mountain's Unique Alder Bald & the Baatany Goat Project15SU89707/18/1579.00
Sensational Salamanders15SU882-107/18/1545.00
Outdoor Safety and Preparedness - Jr. Naturalist Course (Grades 6-8)15SU68407/25/1579.00
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Culture and History - Jr. Naturalist Course (Grades 6-8)15SU688-108/01/1579.00
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Early Settler Mountain Cooking15SU949-108/15/1579.00
Historical Tours with Heartland's Bill Landry - The Calderwood, Chilhowee, & The "Dragon" Tour15SU871-108/15/1579.00
Introduction to Fly-casting & Fly-fishing15SU931-108/15/1579.00
Edible and Poisonous Fungi of the Smokies15SU858-108/22/1579.00
Foraging for Food and Farmacy15SU881-108/22/1579.00
Introduction to Spin-Casting and Spin-Fishing15SU87308/22/1579.00
Our Ever-Changing Mountains15SU95008/22/1579.00
Nature's Classroom15SU76208/29/1579.00
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Historical Tours with Heartland's Bill Landry - Cades Cove Tour15FA87109/12/1579.00
Map and Compass15FA893-109/12/1579.00
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Preserving Our Heritage15FA73709/12/1579.00
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Understanding the Black Bear15FA94009/12/1579.00
Fall Wildflowers - A Cades Cove Bounty15FA89809/19/1579.00
Mountain Music - Beginner's Old Time Banjo15FA872-209/19/1579.00
Photography for Naturalists15FA90709/19/1579.00
Butterflies and Flutterbies15FA89409/20/1579.00
Appalachian Trail Day Hike: Clingmans Dome to Siler Bald Shelter15FA88509/26/1579.00
Mountain Music - Old Time Sing-a-Long/Jam Session15FA872-309/26/1579.00
Park Flora (Plants) - Jr. Naturalist Course (Grades 6-8)15FA68609/26/1579.00
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Smoky Mountain Fiddle Tunes15FA87810/03/1579.00
Friends in High Places - A Day Hike on Mt. LeConte15FA69710/04/1579.00
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Cherokee Plant Lore...and More!15FA73810/10/1579.00
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Bears of Our Smokies15FA86110/17/1579.00
Introduction to Orienteering15FA86710/17/1579.00
Advanced Wilderness Orienteering15FA867-110/18/1579.00
Fall Nature Photography15FA90410/24/1595.00
Father & Son Overnight Canoe Trip15FA75910/30/15158.00
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Birding in the Smokies15FA85110/31/1579.00
Mt. LeConte Hike and Overnight in the Lodge15FA85710/31/15195.00
Winter Tree Identification15FA90310/31/1579.00
Cherokee Heritage Adventure15FA73611/07/1545.00
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Cherokee Heritage Adventure15FA736-111/07/1545.00
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Elkmont - Transition and Change15FA93811/07/1579.00